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I AM is a feeling of permanent awareness. The very center of consciousness is the feeling of I AM. I may not forget who I am, where I am, what I am, I cannot forget THAT I AM. The awareness of being remains, regardless of the degree of forgetfulness of who, where and what I am Our thoughts and words have created our past, present and are currently creating our future. If you like to see  real change in your life as well as success,  learn to reprogram your thoughts and keep them positive! Especially the thoughts of yourself. You are inviting the things in your life what you affirm, so choose your affirmations thoughtful. Create your life ! Make a change! Daily reminders to strengthen your being. Affirmations are positive statements that you repeat for yourself daily, to change negative thoughts or beliefs in to positive ones. You really can change your life with affirmations. WHATEVER YOU PLACE BEHIND THE ‘I AM’ WILL EVENTUALLY FIND YOU. ——————————————-